David Jones

Statcom Telecoms


David Jones – Managing Director

Statcom became Ltd 1984. It was formerly Status Marketing which David Jones our Managing Director, founded with his wife Christine in the late 70’s early 80’s around the time of BT privatisation. BT formerly part of the Post Office still had a virtual monopoly – and stranglehold on the market – and held up progress for years. At the time BT/ Post Office, Ansafone, Recordacall etc. had a monopoly renting out answering machines on 7 yr contracts for £200/ 300 per annum.  We found a niche market in selling telephone answering machines imported from the USA for the equivalent of one years rent !

We also sold telephones, including  those with a memory, unheard of in the UK at the time for both business and the home.

Also in the 1980’s we were hiring out mobile telephones, where many of us will remember the huge batteries were often bigger and much heavier than the handsets themselves !

In the 1980’s/ early 1990’s Statcom expanded into another telecomms market: supplying and installing telephone systems to small and medium sized businesses. Similar to the answering machine story, BT were over-charging customers. They had a total monopoly on the supply of phone systems, which again they would only allow you to rent.

Statcom also began to supply and install these  telephone systems into construction site temporary cabins, for the resident construction engineers.
It is still a family business with sons’ Mark and Simon working with David; sadly Christine died in 2014.
We have offices in Worcester and Birmingham, but cover most of the UK with our network of engineers.
We also offer competitive line rental and phone calls and it never ceases to amaze us how many customers – who have given us their phone bills to check – have entered into long term contracts with BT and paying dearly for the privilege. Customers are usually quite upset when they realise that we could save them 20 – 30 % but they are locked into BT.

Statcom Telecoms continues to supply and maintain telephone systems and data cabling to SME’s and construction companies in Malvern, Worcester, Birmingham other Midlands areas and most of the U.K.

Our skilled engineers, all with many years of experience and training, will carry out the following –

• Telephone systems – Hosted and Premise based VoIP
• Installation of Data cabling Cat5e, Cat6 & Testing
• Fibre-optics installation, testing and fault finding
• WiFi Networks and Building to Building IT links
• WAPS (Wireless Access Points)
• Business Broadband and Leased Lines for Internet

On a personal note I have lived in Malvern for 43 years. I enjoy visiting the UK’s Steam Preservation Railway Lines, walking & cycling the old railway lines.
Other interests include reading and watching documentaries about Railways, the Victorians, especially about Industrial history. I also enjoy Modern History & Politics, and watching British films from 1930’s 40’s  and 50’s.