Dr Joy Madden

The Joy of Blinds and Shutters


Dr Joy Madden is an independent Lifestyle, Blinds and Shutters Consultant and Designer based in Malvern, Worcestershire. She founded The Joy of Blinds and Shutters as she has a passion for using specialist products to change the way you utilize your living and work spaces (homes, conservatories, offices, etc). She also has a particular interest in Biophilia and its effect on Interior Design and Architecture.

Joy was previously a Medical Engineer, Consultant Clinician and Honorary Research Professor. For over 30 years she instigated and coordinated innovative projects between Clinical, Scientific and Commercial bodies. Having spent over three decades in multi-disciplinary research to transform lifestyles, using those skills and knowledge she now specializes in bespoke Blinds, Shutters, Awnings and Insect Screens working closely with a leading UK manufacturer and supplier.

Joy also writes regular articles on these products which are a combination of research activities and her personal experiences in the field. Her ebook (below) is a compilation of 63 short stories about the hidden effects that Blinds and Shutters can have on relationships, children, pets, possessions and plants! See:

The Joy of Blinds and Shutters: 63 Ways to Create a Happy Home

Since 2010 Joy has also been the Self Development Editor for BellaOnline. Her particular interest in self development and personal development stems from her previous research into brain function. She writes weekly articles in the field, with a special interest in how people attain happiness and success across the globe, particularly in the business world.