Warren Haughey

Creative Director

Make a Difference.

Elemental Media is a Boutique Digital Agency based in the Heart of Worcestershire. We began life creating vibrant films and promo videos. Over time we have built a team that allows us to expand our services to also include Web Design, Apps and Social Media.

At Elemental, we work with game-changing brands, inspired companies, and global influencers. Whether you’re just starting out or evolving your brand, we have a fanatical passion for what we do and a desire to put you at the heart of it all.

Creating beautiful content; Web, Film, Interactive Media and Video Installations for clients around the world. With several years’ experience directing and producing films and commercials for an impressive client list, Warren is Creative Director at Elemental Media Ltd.

Extensive expertise in his field and a dedication to creating the perfect end result makes him a valuable asset to the company, with his knowledge and skill allowing Elemental to continually expand its creative capabilities.

Warren is a fan of DIY and good wine but has learned from past experience never to combine the two. Naturally, as someone who specialises in film production, he’s partial to a movie every now and then, citing Goodfellas and La Haine among his all-time favourites.

Although not having much of a singing voice, he does have the unusual talent of being able to take any song and sing it in the style of 1950’s crooner Dean Martin.